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Hackathon 3

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We are excited to share details of our third Hackathon for Children, Young People and Families Mental Health, in collaboration with Founders & Coders!  Hackathon #3 is a digital accelerator to support you to turn your ideas for improving children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health, as well as for improving services, into open source (freely available ) software and apps.

What happens at the Hackathon?

Hackathon #3 will start with a full-day ‘ideas hack’  (Saturday 28th January 2017) for product owners (people who have ideas for a prototype), who will spend the morning working with software developers to isolate the one problem they want to solve by developing the app. In the afternoon, the teams map user storiesand  put forward some potential design ideas by creating wire-frames to demonstrate how the product could function. At the end of the day the teams (product owners and developers) will pitch their products to a panel of judges, and the winning ideas will be turned into  working  prototypes.

The software developers will develop working prototypes over the next 4 days (30th January – 2nd February 2017) with guidance from the product owners. (This typically involves a short phone call on each day.)  The working prototypes will look a bit like a finished product, but won’t have all of the functionality. It will be enough for the product owners to demonstrate the idea to their friends, family, peers and colleagues in order to collect user experience learning from them, which the product owners and developers can present on the pitch day (Thursday 9th February 2017).

Product owners: If your product is selected to go forwards on the pitch day you will need to keep regular contact with the developers to guide the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (approx 1-2 hours a week)

On the pitch day, the product teams present their prototypes and 2 are selected for 2 further design sprints (20th February – 16th March 2017) from which Minimum Viable Products (MVP) will emerge.  An MVP will do just enough to enable testing of the idea so that more detailed user-experience learning can be collected, and used to inform future iterations.  MVPs will be handed to product owners and the CYP IAPT team on 16th March 2017, and plans to develop them further will be explored and implemented.

If you missed previous Hackathons, you can catch up on our Hackathons page, check out products that have emerged, or you can watch a short video of the first event

Photo Credit: Irina Nedelcu